COACH - CFL1 Trainer


I was born in West Monroe, LA and moved to St Cloud, FL at the age of nine. Unlike your typical coach, I didn’t participate in sports at a competitive level as a kid. Instead, I could always be found with a book in my hands.

I originally found Soldier City Fitness in May 2014 and could not have imagined I would be here today. When I started at SCF, it was purely just something I was interested to try. I remember having a teacher my senior year of high school who briefly mentioned it, but I never looked into it. A year later, I came across SCF on Groupon and that’s where it all began. That first summer was nerve-wracking but I never regretted it. Into my fourth year, I began thinking about coaching, which was proposed by one of our coaches. After a year of going back and forth with the idea, I passed my exam and became a Level 1 Trainer.

A major part of my life was and is still my faith. I’ve been a Pastor’s kid my entire life, learned to play piano at a young age, and have been actively involved in ministry for the past decade. I take my faith very seriously and a major piece of that is maintaining my femininity by upholding my personal standard of modesty. If you see me tackling the daily workout in a skirt, that’s just the outward expression of my inward commitment.

Soldier City Fitness has done so much for me. It has boosted my confidence, showed me that I can be strong, and helped me gain valuable friendships. I love that I get to set an example for others, inside and outside of my faith, and coaching here at Soldier City is another amazing step in my fitness journey.