Jack Z

Born in Sacramento California

Moved to Saint Cloud Florida in 2006

Throughout my childhood I participated in various sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, flag football and wrestling. Wrestling changed my athleticism from average to die hard competitor. For nearly 6 years I trained 5 days a week to stay in top physical condition, I managed to stumble across soldier city going into my junior year of highschool.

Crossfit quickly grew on me and I after my 4th month I noticed some significant changes, all my weightlifting movements got stronger while I got faster and started putting some muscle on. After 2 years of training I decided to take the crossfit level 1 course and in the summer of 2016 I passed the course at the age of 18, being the youngest person in the training was a humbling experience of its own.

I’m looking forward to bettering my fitness and impacting the lives of our current and future athletes at soldier city fitness.